Accounting and Finance

It includes providing solutions related to accounting systems and sound predicate cycles according to the activity of the facility, and also includes assistance in the transition to international standards or from the cash basis to the accrual basis. It also includes taking inventory of goods or assets on behalf of the customer, reducing cost and improving production.


To help make a sound decision, we can provide solutions that include economic feasibility studies, due diligence and merger and acquisition. We also provide financing studies with the best solutions for project financing and comparison between available alternatives, as well as working capital financing.

Strategic planning and performance measurement

Through the vision, mission and objectives of the facility, a strategic plan is built and designed to achieve the desired results. We also provide performance measurement and evaluation services from the main performance indicators, using the balanced scorecard, dashboard, and data for operations. The services also include administrative restructuring and organizational structure.

Taxes and zakat

From preparing zakat and tax returns, following up on the termination of the zakat or tax position for establishments in accordance with the zakat collection system in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, following up on pending cases and objections with the primary committee or the appellate committee, and obtaining the final assessment certificate for the client.